Model of the European Union : Good atmosphere for the closing ceremony

All good things come to an end. Last Friday ended the first edition of Model of the European Union at the University Carlos III of Madrid. The participants took part in the closing ceremony, followed by the delivery of the participation certificates.


All the participants of the MEU with a certification


During the break, in the Aula Magna of the University, took place a good-natured atmosphere by the young assembly. For the last day of the special week, the participants of the Model European Union (MEU) took pictures as souvenirs before they return to their respective countries.


At 5:45 p.m. began the final vote by the ministers of the 19 present countries. Each minister represented its country in the Council of the European Union. Members of the organization announced strict rules : all reactions to a vote, conversations in the audience and electronical material were not allowed. The voting started : “in favor” or “against” avoiding tax havens, creating tranparencies and financial transactions taxes. Then each minister had the freedom of speech within the limited time of one minute. The result was highly in favor (19 votes out of 23). These voted decisions have been added as amendments for the final European directive.


The United Kingdom’s minister, voting against

The closing ceremony of these four intensive days opened with the introduction of two guests, declaring “find people involved and engaged nowadays is not usual. Thank you for that”. They reminded the assembly that the next important event in European Union life will be the elections for the European Parliament at the beginning of May. It will be the occasion to talk about social European problems, like unemployment. The guests addressed specially to the young people and explained it doesn’t matter for whom they vote; the importance is that they vote and this way they get involved in the European Union political life for the next five years. In the spirit of European Union values, the speeches were driven by messages of hope, supporting the idea that the solution to have healthy Europe is to go ahead and construct together.

Although we have different nationalities, the way we think is closely the same”, said a member of the organization.

The session closed with an official certificate distributed one by one, giving the place a lighter ambience, full of congratulations and humor. Then the night finished in Madrid with a social program elaborated by the organization crew, with a farewell dinner and a pub-crawl.

If you couldn’t participate to this first edition, the MEU Madrid comes back next year. Until this time, you can continue following the MEU on Twitter with : #MEUMadrid and @jefmadrid.