Spain : General strike in education

Articulo #1This week, Spain was in strike the 22th, 23th and especially the 24th to demonstrate against the new reform in Education. Thursday despite the rain, tens of thousands of pupils, students, parents and teachers from all over the country marched in the streets of 50 Spanish cities. “Not a step back, against reforms, general strike”, shouted the demonstrators in Madrid, the capital. Why people want to stop the Government’s educative politic ? They are opposed to the drastic budget cuts, considered to only promote people with comfortable level of life.

This reform concerns Public School, from the nursery-school to the high-school, but also universities. Increase in fees for access to University, reduction in grants dedicated to Public Education, reduction in number of teachers and administrative employees, increase in number of pupils in each class, miserable salaries… In total, € 6 400 million less dedicated to the educative budget since 2010.

That’s why the movement Marea Verde (Green Tide) was in the streets to protest. In Madrid, the demonstration started the 24th in Neptune Fountain at 6 pm to finish in Puerta del Sol, the main place. Laura Gallardon, a 19 years old student in Publicity who saw her tax inscription increase of € 600 in two years, said : “This law promotes those who have money to study and discriminates the other”.

In the Getafe Campus also, a movement was organized : around 100 people (employees from the University Carlos III but mainly students) decided to sleep in the Rector building, the night between the 23th and the 24th of October. The peaceful demonstration started at 7:30 pm. We were in the place; two students in Sociology and Politics explain : “This strike is a very important one about education, but actually it’s wider : people complain about all the problems they find the system has, in general”. Then they entered by the window, proposed their ideas in a participative meeting and organized their actions for the huge day after.